Fundraising in the Fall

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An interesting new report from Sage Journals analyzed data spanning more than three decades from over 4,000 charities with missions of all types. The survey found that charities following widely accepted norms for nonprofit financial management generally performed worse than those embracing fresh approaches. According to the report, “Conventional wisdom holds that fundraising costs should be as low as possible to avoid creating an impression that donor money is being wasted. However, the reluctance to spend on fundraising may result in less money being available to spend in the future.”

While Masterpiece Marketing firmly believes in good stewardship and investing your fundraising marketing dollars wisely, embracing a strategic and trackable campaign that costs extra may engage donors more effectively to bring in more donations overall. You may see an opportunity to include a token of thanks or a creative and unexpected visual theme. Considerations for an added fundraising investment may be a variable data imprint that shows donors their giving history, an inserted piece that is customized for a subset of your donor audience, or even a year-end mailing that isn’t a traditional appeal—ask us for ideas!

Sage Journals Source

Congratulations, Lancaster Cleft Palate Clinic!

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Masterpiece Marketing is honored to partner with the Lancaster Cleft Palate Clinic for their Faces of Change campaign! The Clinic reached and exceeded their fundraising goal of $4 million and raised $4,552,225!

The Faces of Change campaign transformed the clinic, including:

  • proactive infection prevention
  • increased accessibility
  • an environmentally responsible addition
  • new family-friendly features
  • a child friendly dentist’s office
  • soundproofing
  • an improved orthodontic suite
  • upgraded team spaces
  • upgraded technology
  • and more!

Hey, where did all the paper go?

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Many businesses are experiencing a supply chain disruption due to the pandemic. Paper mills, like many other businesses, were forced to shut down, and the global supply of paper has not recovered. With rising fuel prices and shortages in pulp, chemicals, shipping containers, and truck drivers, the printing industry is finding less paper available and higher costs.

What does this mean for you?

In the short-term, it means printing projects are going to take longer. Coupled with post office delays, year-end projects need to be released far sooner than ever before. In the longer-term, it means some printing projects may be slightly more expensive and some options will be more limited, such as paper stocks or envelope sizes.

How is Masterpiece Marketing adjusting our process?

Our team is encouraging you to move up production schedules for your deadline-oriented projects like invitations and appeals by one to two weeks. Due to the shortages, most printers are not able to place orders for stock until they have all items in hand (database AND final design files). Please adjust your internal schedules accordingly, knowing that everyone is doing our best to see your project through to a successful, timely completion.

Your Masterpiece Marketing team is creative! Let’s discuss your project now so we have time to get orders in and think outside of the box.

Making It Click: How Mobile Phones Have Changed the Internet Forever

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Cell phones have brought about fundamental changes in the ways in which we live our lives, and specifically how we interact with the internet. Because browsing via a computer is drastically different than browsing via a mobile phone, many businesses have had to restructure their websites and reassess their strategies, in order to provide the best experience for consumers.

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A message for today

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Masterpiece Marketing deeply resonates with the biblical truth that all people are made in the image of God. We support those who are peacefully making their voices heard as our nation grapples with centuries of pain and inequality. While we do not pretend to have all the answers to difficult challenges, we support an open dialog so that questions can be asked. We call our community to new conversations where we begin to understand each other in a deeper way. Proverbs tells us, “A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion.” We pray for opportunities to listen, learn, and love each other better.

Offering Hope Amidst Fear

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In a time where fear is dominating our cultural conversation, we encourage you to reach out with hope. Now is a time when the communication of positive stories, changed lives, and hopeful outcomes is more important than ever. People long to hear stories of communities working together, a kind hand being extended, a family reunited. Let’s work together to battle the dark, negative issues around the world with YOUR positive outcomes! Read more »

Social Media Marketing: Who? How? What?

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Social media is crucial to the expansion and well-being of an organization. Masterpiece Marketing’s team is equipped to point our clients in the right direction. We have found the most effective way to post on social media is to start with the who, then move to the how, what, and when.
The first question a good social media manager asks is, “who is the target audience?” The answer to this question will automatically narrow down which social media platforms are most appropriate for the desired group by demographics such as age, interests, geography, and more. For example, if your campaign is set to target 16-year-old girls, LinkedIn may not be the best choice! Read more »