A New Year’s Woo Hoo from Beth

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As I sit here working on the many year-end and first quarter 2019 projects that our clients have asked us to help create, I am struck by the longevity of our relationships. Some clients we have worked with from the very beginning in 1997 and some have been with us for a decade or more. I truly believe this is God’s kindness to us, a blessing that I feel unworthy to receive but deeply grateful for the opportunities it’s afforded. I also think about the meaningful, rich, special friendships that we’ve developed with the leaders we work with.

It’s always been important to me not to become a flashy, trend-slave marketer whose popular-promoting, price-slashing tactics can easily lure an organization to join their client list. I could never imagine that those cool-sounding marketing promises are built on principles of listening…

I find deep satisfaction when I am able listen closely and interpret thoughts and ideas, celebrate collaboration, establish goals together, test new tactics and rejoice with the marketing victories.

That is the recipe for a mutually satisfying client-marketer partnership. One that each party holds high and is inspired by.

So, I humbly say THANK YOU to those clients who have entrusted us with their marketing campaigns. You’ve made me a better person. We are honored to be part of your team.

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