SEO & Local Internet Marketing

Search Engine Optimization & Local Internet MarketingThe Internet is a fast changing environment. Competitive factors and search engine algorithm changes create the need for regular evaluation and near-term tactical planning.  The goal of SEO (search engine optimization) is to increase the volume of relevant traffic to a website.

Masterpiece Marketing and our partners work to strategically improve your site’s search rankings.  We use a variety of strategies and tools; we often begin by conducting keyword research to determine how search engine users are searching for what you have to offer, and then performing on-website SEO to actively target these searches.  By driving targeted traffic via Google AdWords, display ads, and more to a custom landing pages, we can help turn these inquiries into acquisitions.

Local marketing capitalizes on the way a smart phone users navigate their life with this smart “device” as the “mouse.” Would you like your ads to appear when people use smart phones in your neighborhood? Let mobile users know about your organization by delivering ads to locals on the hottest mobile apps and sites like,, Pandora, and thousands more!

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