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When was the last time you cried at the end of a good movie or sat silently searching for words to describe a magnificent piece of art? Have you ever wondered why you are so moved?

You are not alone. Visual storytelling has the unique ability to sweep us away to another world, where we can experience the unknown and encounter the impossible. John Steinbeck once said, “If a story is not about the hearer he will not listen – the strange and foreign is not interesting – only the deeply personal and familiar.” The miracle that transpires within the mind’s eye in response to a well-shaped visual message is the spark that can trigger an audience to purchase or endorse your product or service.

Transformative Visual Marketing is the use of effective visual storytelling to convey a distinctive message tailored to trigger a precise response. How can we as business owners and marketers consistently make use of the visceral connection between the visual arts and basic human needs to deliver an effective content-based marketing message?

The answer lies in capturing the right moment and developing it into an effective marketing strategy that will have an emotional impact on your target audience along multiple communication channels.

Professionally-constructed visual content packs a powerful punch and has a positive effect on your return on investment. High-quality still photography and video with proper digital editing should be an integral part of any marketing piece in today’s digital world. However, simply taking a picture or shooting some video from your phone is not good enough. It is better to not put any visual content on your website or Facebook page unless there is thought behind it, and it is of a certain quality. A shabby visual sends a negative message to potential clients.

How marketing professionals decide which visual story to tell and how they tell it lies behind most successful print or digital ad campaigns. However, it is the personal connection between the core values woven within your business model and a keen understanding of your client’s human needs that can be your most powerful tools. Take the time to get to know the demographic you are targeting. Understand how they feel and what they want. Through proper A/B testing and the appropriate use of social media, it is easier than ever to see and gauge response. Also, do not be shy. Peruse your competition’s website and social media channels and learn what works, and what does not.

According to a 2006 study, the human mind is “wired to organize, access, and retain information through storytelling and that every experience may be recorded in the human mind as a story.” The visual story you are trying to tell may change from moment to moment, but who you are and what your core values say about you, will likely remain the same.

If you desire to tell a visual story to your core audience and would like a professional hand, please reach out to us here at Masterpiece Marketing. We will listen, and together we will tell the story that is you.

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