Core Values

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Many companies have core values among the philosophies that lead their company, often alongside vision statements or mission statements. And admit it, you rarely read them! But core values that are well conceived and true to the actual principles of the leadership and staff provide insight into what drives the company—and into how that company hopes to guide its day-to-day business as well as its long-term strategy.

Masterpiece Marketing subscribes to this philosophy. For anyone who hasn’t recently visited our Hello page, these are the core values of Masterpiece Marketing:

Share our faith                                               Act with integrity

Listen and encourage                                   Focus on serving

Respect others                                                Energize our clients

Create with passion                                       Demonstrate grace

Embrace all ideas                                           Engage in learning

Illuminate opportunities

These values inform how Masterpiece Marketing deals with clients, with staff and partners, and with everyday life. We strive to “walk the talk.”

Focused, well considered core values are in themselves an important marketing message. Potential clients whose values line up with yours will be more likely to want to do business with you. They feel like they already see eye-to-eye with you. So as you consider your or your company’s core values, ask yourself these three vital questions:

  1. Are your core values just hanging on a wall or are they infused throughout your organization DNA?
  2. Are they part of your new client acquisitions, presentations, back of your business cards? Are they prominently featured on your website, creatively shared in your advertising?
  3. Are your staff members living testaments to your core values?
  4. Do you review them at staff meetings or retreats and brainstorm how to make them part of your DNA?

In short, consider whether your core values are just what someone told you to document or just something to look nice on a wall or take up space in your company handbook. Or are they real, relevant guiding principles that govern you or your company?

Hopefully the latter! Masterpiece Marketing can help you to make sure that your core values are not only meaningful to you, but also engaging your clients.

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