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In today’s fast-moving business climate, embracing any innovative concept or fresh idea requires steadfast courage and a certain leap of faith. The modern consumer has an extraordinary wealth of information readily available: with a single click, your deal could be closed, or your target consumer could shift focus from your company toward that of a competitor. So how do you show potential stakeholders who you are and how you do business?

More than ever before, it is your faith, the values you embrace and a well-written and strong corporate mission statement that will enlighten your audience. In the modern digital marketplace, the emotional connection that consumers have to a brand that is tied to what is ethical and socially responsible can be unbreakable. They must know that you possess the courage of your convictions.

To achieve this, we as socially conscious business leaders must determine the core values that will become the strong bones of our corporate mission statement.

The first step is determining what matters on the deepest personal level. Having your passion as part of your mission is a necessity. Your core values, if not perceived as passionate, will mean very little to the modern consumer. That is why Masterpiece Marketing specializes in the creation of mission-based content. We believe that the impact that social responsibility has on brand communication must be factored in to secure brand sustainability.

Reputation management principles are based on the Six Dimension of Corporate Reputation: emotional appeal, products & services, financial performance, social responsibility, workplace environment, and vision & leadership. These principles, if properly managed, will result in increased sales, quality employee retention, investor confidence, business growth, market leadership and finally, stakeholder loyalty. However, ethical theory must be more than textbook jargon.

The stereotypical world of the Mad Men business culture that dominated the last century led us to believe that profit is king and climbing the high ladder of success requires a singular vision of self-interest. However, in today’s world of interconnectivity and globalization, that vision is obsolete.

Through the careful implementation of mission-based management systems and a socially conscious brand efficacy, the corporate executive can move his company forward to a bright future that is ethically just and sustainable. For sustainability to occur in our competitive climate, social responsibility must be part of every executive’s lexicon.

If you want to explore how your business can move in this direction, contact us at Masterpiece Marketing, and together we will find the perfect voice for what matters to you most.

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