Hey, where did all the paper go?

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Many businesses are experiencing a supply chain disruption due to the pandemic. Paper mills, like many other businesses, were forced to shut down, and the global supply of paper has not recovered. With rising fuel prices and shortages in pulp, chemicals, shipping containers, and truck drivers, the printing industry is finding less paper available and higher costs.

What does this mean for you?

In the short-term, it means printing projects are going to take longer. Coupled with post office delays, year-end projects need to be released far sooner than ever before. In the longer-term, it means some printing projects may be slightly more expensive and some options will be more limited, such as paper stocks or envelope sizes.

How is Masterpiece Marketing adjusting our process?

Our team is encouraging you to move up production schedules for your deadline-oriented projects like invitations and appeals by one to two weeks. Due to the shortages, most printers are not able to place orders for stock until they have all items in hand (database AND final design files). Please adjust your internal schedules accordingly, knowing that everyone is doing our best to see your project through to a successful, timely completion.

Your Masterpiece Marketing team is creative! Let’s discuss your project now so we have time to get orders in and think outside of the box.

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