Making It Click: How Mobile Phones Have Changed the Internet Forever

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Cell phones have brought about fundamental changes in the ways in which we live our lives, and specifically how we interact with the internet. Because browsing via a computer is drastically different than browsing via a mobile phone, many businesses have had to restructure their websites and reassess their strategies, in order to provide the best experience for consumers.

Perhaps one of the most basic ways in which websites have had to adapt is in overall appearance. As more people turn to smartphones instead of computers for viewing websites, businesses have had to offer mobile-friendly versions or adjust their sites to make them more user-friendly and intuitive. This shift includes a few basic changes: user-centered development, cleaner layout, and clear navigation.

Making a website user-centered means that it isn’t overloaded with content, and it’s more instinctive to surf. The goal is not to frustrate your audience with complicated graphics and design. Thanks to mobile usage, websites are now far cleaner and less cluttered, which means a sleeker layout and clearly labeled buttons and tabs.

In recent years, algorithms have also posed a new opportunity for websites. Because mobile phone usage both receives information and transmits information, part of the efficacy of web design is knowing how to provide targeted, relative information to your audience. This is particularly useful for advertisers. According to Sauce Labs data, the average person checks their smartphone every six and a half minutes. If businesses want to be able to keep up with their competition, it’s important that they understand the effect of mobile promotion and relevance.

As websites continue to adapt in the future to meet the new demands posed by mobile phones, there will most likely be an increased focus on voice and artificial intelligence. Already, many sites utilize chatbots and automated voice assistance. Because so many people are already accustomed to this intelligence in apps, it’s second nature for them to utilize these helpful features on websites too. This is part of gearing the online experience towards the user, and not placing as much emphasis on content. Convenience, simplicity, and cleanness are some of the most important aspects for any mobile-friendly website to possess.

Though it can seem like a daunting challenge to keep up with technological changes, staying abreast of new innovations and consumer expectations can help businesses create websites and content geared towards their users’ interests, expectations, and ease of access. Let Masterpiece Marketing be your partner to stay ahead of these changes and maintain your site’s assessibility.


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