The Great Branding Adventure

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Masterpiece Marketing offers clients the benefit of a complete branding process, far more intricate than a traditional logo design. Whether we are discovering the brand for an entirely new organization, guiding a business through a name change, or leading a company’s rebranding initiative, Masterpiece Marketing’s strategists lead an exciting process of uncovering what makes your brand unique, how your brand is perceived by your target audience, and what creative elements can most effectively communicate the message of your brand.

You will discover…

  • Beyond a logo, what is a brand?
  • What makes a brand effective?
  • How do we know it’s time to re-brand?
  • How do we select the branding team?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of a logo?
  • Do your competitors’ brands matter?
  • How do our mission and vision statements impact our brand?
  • How do we create brand loyalty?
  • How do we maintain brand confidence?
  • How important is a SWOT Analysis?
  • How can a compelling tagline impact our logo?
  • Does our organization have a USP?
  • How does our brand impact our overall strategic marketing plan?

You will participate in…

  • Adventure Sessions led by branding coaches
  • Brainstorming to find your brand personality
  • Creating your personal brand
  • Featuring…
    The Masterpiece Marketing Positioning Spectrum
    Masterpiece Marketing Verbal Networking
    Masterpiece Marketing Visual Connections Exercise

You will receive…

  • New and exciting energy for your organization’s brand & image
  • Reinvigorated vision for your organization
  • Feeling of team unity
  • New logo and brand tagline
  • Comprehensive Standards of Use Guide

See examples of Masterpiece Marketing’s branding for clients.

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