The Same Message

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Imagine that you’ve had a sofa for fifteen years. You simply get tired of it after a while–you have been looking at it every day. But your friends only see it when they come over to visit. To them, it’s lovely and comfortable.

The same principle applies to your marketing messages. You have been using them for a while, and you may be getting tired of them. But your target audience may not be; to them they’re as fresh as the first time you saw them. So what can you do to keep yourself from getting stuck? Here are a few basic pointers:


Be real. People want to deal with someone they can believe in.


Sell the outcome. People do not buy products or services, they buy outcomes.


Co-create and collaborate with your audience. Even if you’re using an existing message, get input and feedback.


Connect with human needs. This will keep it fresh for you and your audience.


Say less and listen more. There is great value in stopping to ask what it is people are looking for and why.


Break a thought pattern. After knowing what kind of content and visual is best for your audience, you can use humor, desire or other strong emotions to get the viewers to stop what they are doing and start engaging with the message.

None of these methods deal with actually changing your message, but they may help you to stay fully engaged with your client.

It’s a simple fact: when we are too close to things, they become familiar and boring. Don’t get stuck in the rut! Remind yourself that your message needs to be shared over and over again. Oh, and over again!

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