Social Media Marketing: Who? How? What?

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Social media is crucial to the expansion and well-being of an organization. Masterpiece Marketing’s team is equipped to point our clients in the right direction. We have found the most effective way to post on social media is to start with the who, then move to the how, what, and when.
The first question a good social media manager asks is, “who is the target audience?” The answer to this question will automatically narrow down which social media platforms are most appropriate for the desired group by demographics such as age, interests, geography, and more. For example, if your campaign is set to target 16-year-old girls, LinkedIn may not be the best choice!

Facebook’s largest demographic are women between the ages of 25 and 34, while Twitter is much more heavily populated by a male audience of a slightly younger age group. Instagram users are generally between the ages of 18-29, and more likely to be female.

While organizations should pursue a high number of followers and viewers, it is more important to have quality and engaged followers rather than just a large quantity. Just like driving traffic to the website, qualified leads count more than just increased numbers.

Looking at the who, the how, and the what helps us to reach our desired audiences. When we understand social media platforms and the unique features of each, we are more equipped spread a message effectively.

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