A New Year’s Woo Hoo from Beth

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As I sit here working on the many year-end and first quarter 2019 projects that our clients have asked us to help create, I am struck by the longevity of our relationships. Some clients we have worked with from the very beginning in 1997 and some have been with us for a decade or more. I truly believe this is God’s kindness to us, a blessing that I feel unworthy to receive but deeply grateful for the opportunities it’s afforded. I also think about the meaningful, rich, special friendships that we’ve developed with the leaders we work with. Read more »

The Same Message

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Imagine that you’ve had a sofa for fifteen years. You simply get tired of it after a while–you have been looking at it every day. But your friends only see it when they come over to visit. To them, it’s lovely and comfortable. Read more »

Core Values

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Many companies have core values among the philosophies that lead their company, often alongside vision statements or mission statements. And admit it, you rarely read them! But core values that are well conceived and true to the actual principles of the leadership and staff provide insight into what drives the company—and into how that company hopes to guide its day-to-day business as well as its long-term strategy. Read more »

Ambassador Advisors Honored As Bronze Stevie® Award Winner In 2018 American Business Awards®

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“Catchy, Entertaining, and Informative” Superhero-Themed Newsletter Catches Judges’ Attention


Ambassador Advisors, LLC, was named the winner of a Bronze Stevie® Award in the Best Print Newsletter or Publication category in The 16th Annual American Business Awards® today. The American Business Awards are the U.S.A.’s premier business awards program. All organizations operating in the U.S.A. are eligible to submit nominations – public and private, for-profit and non-profit, large and small. The official winners list which dates back to 2003 does not include any other winners from Lancaster; Ambassador Advisors’ recognition is a first for our local area. Read more »

The Dimension of Imagination

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To paraphrase Rod Serling opening an episode of the classic Twilight Zone, “Imagine if you will…”

What Masterpiece Marketing would like you to imagine is that you have a great new product or service to present to your clients or customers. But in this scenario, that product or service is . . . let’s just say not exciting in the way that a ‘60s sci-fi drama may have been. It may be an essential service or an item that everyone is going to need at one point or another. Read more »

The Soul of Wit

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All writers do it from time to time. We fall in love with our own words. Just as there are those who are – derisively – referred to as loving the sound of their own voice, there are those who love the sight of their own words on a page or a screen. Read more »

The Art of the Word

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It’s hard to attach a specific value to good copy. It can’t really be measured. But good copywriting can enhance clients’ trust in your brand, and it can make them more likely to promote your brand further. So it’s well worth considering the importance of two key elements in copywriting: headlines and theme. Read more »

Happy New Year!

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Thank you to all our great partners at businesses and nonprofits in our local community and beyond. Masterpiece Marketing is blessed to work with you and serve your organization. Here are some of the compelling, relevant marketing projects we have worked on in 2016. We wish you a fruitful year in 2017. Read more »